Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The I HEART ZELDA Contest Begins!!!

The "I HEART ZELDA" contest begins today July 17th 2012 and ends on the 30th July 2012.

Metro: Last Light 13-minute 'Welcome to Moscow' Gameplay Video

A video just popped up on the internet showcasing 13 minutes of amazing gameplay footage from THQ's upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Images Are Fake

Yesterday we reported on some supposedly leaked images which suggested Metal Gear Solid 5 was in development. Well guys, it seems these images were total fake-o-ramas (yes I just said fake-o-rama, get over it).

Left 4 Dead 2 To Be Valve's First Linux Game

Valve has been talking for quite some time now about developing on the Linux platform. Finally Valve has confirmed  their first game that will be headed down the Linux road.

New Details For Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter is taking another swing at the heavily crowded online FPS shooters arena and this time around, it seems to be taking it up another lever.

Update For My XBOX Live iOS Turns Your IPad Into a Controller

Late yeaterday Microsoft released an updat for it's official My XBOX Live app for iOS that adds media controls for iPad so you can use your tablet to do things like fast forward and rewind and play stuff on your console.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Borderlands 2 Packs More Guns Than All FPS On The PS3 And XBOX360 Put Together

Many may not know this but Borderlands 2 is taking 95.6% more guns into battle than the original Boderlands. How many is that in specific numbers? That's a question not even Gearbox chief skag-wrangler Randy Pitchford knows.