Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Details For Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter is taking another swing at the heavily crowded online FPS shooters arena and this time around, it seems to be taking it up another lever.

An alpha-stage video recently went live on the internet showing off some of the multiplayer action. The video gave away lots of details and info about how the online multiplayer works this time around.

The classes this time around include:

US Navy Seal Sniper
  • Class Ability: Recon Stance -> supports sniper on surface (like bipod)
  • Grenade Type: Proximity Mine
  • Weapon Class: Sniper Rifle (Default = TAC 300)
  • Support Actions: Switchblade – Smoke Screen, 81mm Mortar – Fire Team Replenish, ?? – ??
Polish GROM Assaulter
  • Class Ability : Grenade Launcher
  • Grenade Type: Frag
  • Weapon Class: Assault Rifle (Default = HK416)
  • Support Actions: Cluster Bomb – RQ-7 Shadow, 60mm Mortar – Smoke Screen, Guided Missile – Fire Team Replenish
SFODD Demolitions

  • Class Ability: Tank Stance -> Heavy Armor, Slower Movement
  • Grenade Type: Remote Charge
  • Weapon Class: Shotgun (Default = AA12)
  • Support Actions: M32 – Smoke Screen, SMAW – ??, ?? – ??
Canadian JTF2 Heavy Gunner
  • Class Ability : Support Stance -> Bipod
  • Grenade Type: Mini Frags
  • Weapon Class: Might Machine Gun (Default = M249)
  • Support Actions: Blackhawk Transport – Smoke Screen, Mk19 – Fire Team Replenish, MH-60L DAP Blackhawk – RQ-7 Shadow
Australian SRS Point Man
  • Class Ability : Heavy Hitters -> more damage and recoil
  • Grenade Type: Flashbang
  • Weapon Class: Assault Rifle (Default = F88)
  • Support Actions: RQ-11 Raven – Smoke Screen, Airbust Mortar – Fire Team Replenish, AH-61 Little Bird – RQ-7 Shadow
USOG Spec Ops
  • Class Ability : Heat Vision -> see enemies through walls
  • Grenade Type: Frag
  • Weapon Class: Sub Machine Gun (Default = MP7)
  • Support Actions: Dragon Fire – Fire Team Replenish, A10 Warthog – R/Q Shadow, Radar Jammer – Smoke Screen

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  1. Hope this one comes to wiki just that the ps3 and 360 fanboys can stop making the lame cries that Nintendo is for kids